Surviving And Thriving In A Gig Economy

Gig Economy


You might have heard about a gig economy and how it’s becoming the reality for millions of workers. The gig economy refers to the rise in freelance and contract work, especially among younger workers. These people have often have difficulty finding permanent full time work. Some people choose to work it because it gives them freedom and allows them to be in control of their earnings. While your home you can also use the new red hydrogen holographic phones


gig economy
Working From Home

But regardless of the reasons why people are choosing the gig economy there’s no doubt that surviving as a freelancer or contractor is on the rise. Just make sure you do background checks first. If you have chosen this lifestyle you are wondering how you can survive and thrive. Here are some tips from experts that will help you to succeed as a freelancer or contractor:



One of the most important things is to have some sort of economic backup that you can depend on when freelance work slows down. Because they will slow down, and sometimes they might even temporarily stop. You will need to have a backup source of income when that happens. For people that’s a spouse with a steady job. For others that’s a savings account that has a month’s work of expenses that they can draw from if necessary.

A Place To Work


Whether it’s an office in your bedroom, or the dining room table, you need a place to work. Some people say that you should rent office space while others like to head to the local coffee shop. But you should always have a place in your home where you can work if necessary. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it should be a quiet space where you can concentrate that is free from other distractions.


gig economy
Making Calculations



Routine is essential if you are a freelancer or contractor. You don’t have to have set work hours or a strict schedule. After all most people start freelancing so they don’t have to stick to a schedule. But you do need to have a routine. You should set aside the same hours to work everyday but those hours can be whenever you want.  Just make sure that you don’t do anything during those hours except work. If you enjoyed this, read my last post about digital assistants for people named Alexa

Digital Assistants For People Named Alexa

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is notorious for being highly sensitive to its command word. By default, any user can activate the speaker just by verbalizing commands like, “Alexa, give me directions to the grocery store.” You can even use it to find out how to read text messages from another phone without installing software.

Amazon is doubling down on this voice user interface (VUI) model, which will ultimately improve user interactions with technology. In the meantime, calling your smart speaker by its name is difficult for some users. This is especially true if you share a name with it. By default, the Echo responds to “Alexa.” So, if you already have an Alexa in your life, should you still consider buying a smart speaker?

Alternative Command Words

Amazon’s smart speakers contain a little-known feature which allows users to customize the “wake word” that activates the digital assistant. However, at the time of this writing, only a few custom wake words are available. These include “Alexa,” “Amazon,” “Echo,” and “Computer.” By using them, you may be able to learn more about the device’s owner, without knowing how to read text messages from another phone without installing software.

While it’s undeniably awesome to address your digital assistant like a Star Trek character, it’s surprising that the Echo only allows these four command words. None of these words are completely avoidable in a typical conversation. Why can’t you specify any command you want? Personally, I would like to choose something more avoidable – words like “syzygy” or “abracadabra.”

In any case, “Abracadabra, order some dish detergent” is much more fun to say.

Avoiding Annoying Alexa Attacks

Audio from a television or computer can also activate the Echo. This has prompted newscasters, YouTubers, and even commercial ad-writers to record blurbs that will activate Alexa.

Needless to say, this can be problematic, especially for people who use one-click buying. Unscrupulous advertisers can include voice commands that will force customers to purchase their products. While most of them are just trolls, it can be a real annoyance.

how to read text messages from another phone without installing software
No one wants the Amazon Echo interjecting in random conversations.

Since “Alexa” is the default command word, you can use any of the other options to avoid these attacks. It also saves users from calling Amazon customer service for a return. But none of Amazon’s options completely prevent this issue. They just shift the problem to one of the other four options, any of which you could accidentally say in a conversation.

Competing Products

Other digital assistants may be less prone to accidental or intentional activation. You can activate Google’s digital assistant by saying “Okay, Google.” This phrase is much less likely to come up in a typical conversation. Plus, you’ll still be able to look up how to read text messages from another phone without installing software.

Apple and Microsoft both take a different approach. To activate Siri, you just say, “Hey Siri.” While Siri is a common nickname in Norway or Sweden, it isn’t a typical name elsewhere. That makes it a better option than “Alexa.” Microsoft’s approach is even better. To activate their assistant, you use the entirely fictional name “Cortana.”

With these approaches, you still have the human aspect of a proper name, without accidentally activating your device when your friend Alexa comes over for dinner. That is, until Halo nerds start naming their children Cortana.

What’s Coming In 2018

Personally, I’m putting a lot of hope in 2018. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with a lot of parts of 2017. After avoiding a nuclear war with North Korea and another cold war with the Russians, 2017 didn’t end as bad as it could have. After all, we got a 10th (or was it the 9th?) iPhone and a bunch of other cool tech gadgets. They make it easier than ever to take notes, stay in touch with loved ones, and do a cell phone lookup on unknown numbers. We even got another Call of Duty, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

If you were also bummed out about last year, you should be excited about what’s to come in 2018. This year will bring us another iPhone, of course, and probably another Call of Duty for the gamers out there. So if you have a smartphone, it’s essential that you perform a cell phone lookup whenever a likely scammer calls you. But 2018 will also bring more than that. The good news is that the economy seems to be on the rise, giving more people better-paying jobs. In addition, there will be more advances in the tech world, creating even more sophisticated gadgets for everyone.

An Alabama Championship

What helped ring in the New Year was another title for Alabama football. Fans of Crimson Tide are still stoked about this, and the rest of us are still scratching our heads, wondering what the other football programs in the country are doing.

The Super Bowl

Just like every year, there’s another Super Bowl coming in February. It’ll create a matchup between two great teams, and an end to what was a thrilling, though injury-plagued, season. If you dislike the Dallas Cowboys, there’s good news: “America’s Team” didn’t even make the playoffs this year.

Another iPhone

The iPhone X wasn't that great.
I wasn’t too impressed with the iPhone X.

We’ll surely get another iPhone in 2018. Many of the iPhone X’s didn’t even ship out until January of this year. But Apple will probably release another iPhone in the late summer or fall. Who knows what the name or features of it will be. I just hope that it’ll have more interesting and functional features than the Animoji on the iPhone X.

More Trump

Unfortunately, 2018 also brings another year of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. That’s not a phrase anyone thought they’d be saying several years ago, or even when Trump won the Republican nomination (or at least the majority vote from Republicans). Hopefully President Trump does more good than harm this year. I also hope he’s able to continue to improve the economy and keep international relationships at ease.

Better Electronics And Media

One of the best things about each new year is the improvements we see to our gadgets and gizmos. If you want to buy a new laptop so you can do a cell phone lookup with ease, all you have to do is wait and see what tech comes out this year. You could also wait for the prices of older models to drop. This year, we’ll also see new movies, TV shows, and music, which will make 2018 more and more interesting as time goes on.  

Top Tech Batman Toys

Batman has been extremely popular recently, with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Lego Batman Movie. With that being said, Batman toys have been flying off of the shelves! Check out these top must-have Batman tech toys.

Lego Batman Alarm Clock

Lego Batman now has an alarm clock.
Bring a piece of the Lego Batman Movie home.

This is a small and affordable home decoration for any Batman fan. This alarm clock features Lego Batman from the most recent movie. Like most clocks, it includes a yellow backlight and snooze button. It’s available on many sites for online purchase, along with many other Batman toys, and costs about $25.00. Don’t let Batman be alone either – get the Superman and Robin alarm clocks too!

Remote Control Batman Helicopter

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Batman! World Tech created a Batman remote control helicopter! Now you can set Batman soaring through your home! This is the perfect toy to drive any parent nuts, and only runs for about $30.00 on Amazon. World Tech also created other character helicopters for Superman, Joker, and Spiderman.

Batman Kid-Friendly Headphones

Walmart has some great kid-friendly Batman headphones to choose from. One pair has an image of the cartoon Batman, skyline, and logo. Along the top of the headphones are many yellow and black Batman logos. Another pair has an image of comic book Batman and “SMASH.” Both of these headphones have volume limiting capabilities for young children. In addition, they provide clear sound and they’re compatible with devices that have a 3.5mm jack. These headphones run for about $15-$20.

DC Comics Batman vs Superman Voice-Changer Helmet

Honestly, who doesn’t want to sound like Batman? We’ve all tried to do his voice at some point. This is one of the best Batman toys for both young kids and adults who like costumes. This helmet has light up eyes and an easy button for voice-changing and sound effects. It has 15 programmed sounds and phrases. The size is adjustable for kids 3+ and adults, and it looks just like Batman’s helmet from the movie! This toy costs $30.00 at Toys R Us. With this helmet, you will be ready for battle and to see Batman in Justice League.

Batman v Superman Remote Control Batmobile Official Movie Replica

All Batman fans want their own Batmobile! Air Hogs has created a replica of the Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Its LED lights in the back light up red when users hit the throttle. In addition, it has front-mounted LED lights to clear the path through Gotham City. With the remote control, you can imagine that you’re driving the Batmobile yourself! You can charge the tech toy via USB cable, and have 20 minutes of driving time fully charged. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up and costs $60.00.

Batman: The Videogame

No ultimate Batman fan collection is complete without Batman video games! Lego Batman: The Videogame, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham are amazing video games! They’re available for the Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox. Each game costs about $15.00 – $20.00. In the first Lego Batman game, you can play as Batman, Robin, Joker, Catwoman and other villains in Gotham City. You can choose whether you want to play in Story or Freeplay Mode. The game also includes the musical score from the 1989 Batman movie. These games are highly entertaining for all ages!

These are just some of the many Batman tech toys you can get. All of them make great gifts, whether for yourself or a friend. Which one’s your favorite? Contact me and let me know!