It’s no secret to anyone that Fortnite is a phenomenon. It’s one of the most popular streamed games on both Twitch and Youtube and continually ranks as one of the highest played games of 2018. Fortnite has been reported to have 125 million players worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. To many, including myself, the game is overrated, and many wish for the game to let others share the spotlight.

There Are Other Battle Royale Games

It’s not a surprise that other games have sprung up copying Fortnite. What’s interesting is that some of these might be better. Games like Call of Duty are even including Battle Royale modes in order to piggyback onto the success of the Battle Royale genre. But if Fortnite continues to steal the spotlight, then how will we know if these games are better? There are many games out there considered superior to Fortnite but they won’t get the recognition they deserve because the game is too bloated.

Every popular game has its downsides

Too Many People Playing

There are hundreds of people playing and streaming the game, but what if people want to see other things? If you’re not a fan of Fortnite, then chances are you’re not super interested in many of the streams being put out right now. That is unfair to people who like certain streamers but would like to see a variety of content. You will be forced to watch something you don’t enjoy instead of many other awesome games out there. It’s also on a variety of consoles and devices making it impossible to escape the craze.

It’s A Toxic Environment

As with many online games, Fortnite breeds a toxic environment for all ages. Many people send death threats and make rude comments to others online in order to intimidate them and get them to stop playing. I’ve heard of people using reverse address lookup to find who has been harassing them to get professional help. Something like this happens when something gets too big and needs to give way to other games.

There are so many other things to be excited about in 2018 that I feel like Fortnite should just settle down a little and give way to the next big thing in my opinion.


Fortnite Is Too Big