The iPhone is stock full of security features that make it the most popular phone brand in the United States, including the feature that makes it very difficult to install unauthorized apps or an iPhone text spy app without needing to root or jailbreak the phone. For parents who want to monitor their children while they are on their iPhones, they would need to have it rooted before they can install most monitoring apps that are available on the internet.

What Does The App Have to Offer?

It is quite fortunate for us that Auto Forward Spy, one of the top monitoring apps on the web, can be installed on an iPhone without the need to jailbreak or root the device at all. Android and iOS fully support the features of the app, so it is capable of running all of them in any iPhone or iOS mobile device. But there’s even more useful features that Auto Forward Spy offers, and we will be looking at some of the more important ones in this article so don’t stop reading now.

Monitors calls and text messages. A monitoring software might as well be a calculator app if it doesn’t allow the tracking of incoming and outgoing texts and calls on the iPhone. This is one feature that can be very valuable for parents who want to protect their children from the dangers that they are ill-equipped to handle with their inexperience. Someone like a predator can be very bad news for your child, but using Auto Forward to monitor her texts can give you that advanced warning to be able to keep your child away from a potentially unsafe situation. In the same way, monitoring iPhone call logs let you know which numbers are behaving suspiciously so you can reverse look it up and you can then decide if it is a dangerous person or not.

Tracking where the phone is at all times. The app lets you know the location of the target phone, and your child, at all times. It’s like being in constant sight of your kid all the time. It helps parents a lot by making sure their children are not in with a bad crowd or in a dangerous part of town.

Visible browser logs and deleted messages. Auto Forwardlets you access browser logs and deleted messages, giving you insight about what sites your kid is looking at when she’s on the phone. And pulling up deleted messages can give you even more information on things that your child doesn’t want you to know.

Video, photo and social media logs. The app creates a report on all the activities your child did while she was on social media. It also automatically records all photos and videos the target device has taken with its camera or received from someone else, which can be viewed in the account.

Auto Forward Spy has plenty more to offer like a responsive and functional interface, and an easy one-time payment for the lifetime rights to the licensed account and free updates to the app. Interested? Head out to right now to learn more!

Auto Forward: iPhone Spyware Needs No Jailbreak