How Parental Monitoring Software Can Help with Your Child’s Health, Safety, and Behavior

Monitoring software can perform a huge role not only in your child’s safety but with their health and behavior as well. It helps parents to monitor their children’s activity easily because of its in the real-time and remote features. Studies have been shown that the internet has a huge impact on this aspect to a person. Especially on children and teenagers in this millennial era. Exposure to inappropriate content can change their behavior. Too much time spending on the internet can lead to obesity, eye problem, the ability to focus on certain things and even psychological.

Too much of something isn’t always good. Sometimes the internet becomes harmful instead of being useful. A lot of people have become addicted to the internet, most of them are kids and teenagers. It’s only a necessary safe thing to use monitoring software like Auto Forward to helping parents deal with the following issues:

The Psychological Effect of The Internet

People nowadays substitute personal interaction with computerized interaction. Especially with teenagers. They use the internet, mainly social media to interact in which they do not realize that it presents a very destructive facade like depression. This is because of less interaction with their social surroundings with family, friends, and others. The social factor is completely removed from their lives. Good thing that there is a phone monitoring app that can help parents safeguard their children from these things.

The Effect of The Internet Into Health

Poor posture, obesity, eyesight problems, and other issues due to a long period of time sitting and staring at a screen are just some of the problems that concern too much usage of the internet. These effects are seen as massive with heavy internet users.

Not only that, but it also affects their sleeping and eating habits that often lead to obesity.

Internet dependency becomes an avenue pressure mostly for kids and teenagers.

It affects their health, safety, and behavior because they spend more time in solitary seclusion. As a parent or guardian, we should stay well informed about current issues to understand what our children are experiencing on and off the internet to avoid these threats from happening to our children. Don’t wait much….Before getting late, have monitoring software to keep your child safe. Visit Auto Forward for more information.

Do You Need to Spy on Text Messages on iPhone?

If the answer is yes, we recommend getting the best parental monitoring software available. And yes, spy apps can also be used to monitor your kids. As a matter of fact, these apps were designed with parents in mind to help them keep track of what their kids are up to. So if you need a spy app to spy on the messages in an iPhone, you need a monitoring app like Auto Forward that has the best features to help you do that.

Jailbreak No More

Do you remember those days when you need to jailbreak an iPhone if you wanted to install third-party apps? Jailbreaking is basically removing the restrictions that were put in by Apple to prevent the owner from installing software that were not downloaded from the App Store. Not all iPhone owners are thrilled by the idea of doing that to their iPhones, even if they really wanted to install a particular app, because a jailbroken iPhone will no longer have a valid warranty.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to jailbreak any iPhones to use Auto Forward. The app will let you remotely read any text messages that were sent or received by the iPhone you’re monitoring without having to jailbreak it. As a matter of fact, you won’t even have to touch the device itself if you wanted to download and install Auto Forward. Furthermore, since it’s an iPhone, you will need to spy on iMessages too, right? Auto Forward will let you do that easily.

What You Will Need to Get Started

As mentioned above, you don’t have to physically access the iPhone you want to spy on just to install Auto Forward. What you need is the login information for the iCloud account. For example, let’s say you want to spy on the text messages on Jane’s iPhone. You won’t have to get Jane’s iPhone to do that. All you need is Jane’s username and password for her iCloud account.

When you have Jane’s iCloud credentials, all you have to do then is to purchase the spy app (make sure you get Auto Forward for iPhone, not Android), wait for the confirmation email, and follow the instructions in that email. That’s it! You can now read all the text messages and iMessages on Jane’s iPhone, whether you’re within 10 feet away from each other or 1,000 miles apart.

A quick disclaimer, though: since Auto Forward will be accessing the information on the iCloud account that is being used on the iPhone you are spying on, it can only give you access to the data that is being backed up on that iCloud account. So in our example, if Jane hasn’t configured her iPhone to automatically backup to her iCloud account, then you won’t be able to read her messages, because those messages are supposed to be backed up on the iCloud account.

If this is the case, you will need to physically access her iPhone and configure or activate the iCloud backup. You will also receive instructions for configuring the iCloud account in your email. If you want to know more, visit to see why it is the most popular spy app for iPhone and also Android.

Top Reasons Parents Should Go for a Parental Monitoring Software

Well maybe everything that you want a parental smartphone monitoring software should do is all about one thing: making your family safer. For parents, and indeed for their children as well, there are none more important in this world than their family. The thing about that is that many parents today see a vicious pattern. As the level of technology improves, so worsens the people that use it. In the not-so-distant past, it’s not so easy for predators to keep tabs on their targets, since there is no internet and connecting with other people is very difficult (think writing a physical letter, sending it through post, and waiting for weeks or months for a response).

Dangers From The Virtual World.

Today, the internet makes connecting with other people very easy, and that makes predators, bullies, stalkers and other dangerous people more active than in times past. They scour the internet for would-be victims and may even contact them using social media messaging, text or call. This presents an unprecedented situation for parents who erstwhile have had to deal with real-world threats only, not virtual ones.

This is where monitoring apps can be a great help to parents. They have features that can give ample warning when their children are doing something inappropriate or dangerous in the web or with their phones. Here are some of the ways that monitoring apps can be crucial to digital parenting:

  1. It can track web history, and all online and social media activities of the phone’s user. If left unsupervised, teens and younger children would almost always access the internet for social media, videos and other content therein. This can be quite dangerous for young minds since not all content in the internet is safe, appropriate or correct. Having a reliable monitoring app, such as Auto Forward Spy, tracking and observing their every move while on their phones, it is easy to backtrack where they have been and create a plan on how to counter their activities and prevent future misbehavior.
  2. It can access call logs, and incoming and outgoing emails, instant messages and texts. Monitoring these avenues for communication is crucial to determining whether they are doing inappropriate and dangerous things or not. Predators and stalkers can contact kids through text or calls, and may even be able to get them to trust these unsavory people. Then they would be free to lead their targets on so they would be very vulnerable when they do decide to strike. Monitoring gives parents advance warning about these types of behavior so they can properly counter this approach.
  3. It can track the physical location of the phone. This is a pretty useful feature, especially when you are worried that you kid may be on a shady part of town with some shady people. Always knowing where your children are can help you keep them away from dangerous situations and be able to get to them immediately when they do have an emergency.

Auto Forward Spy is a powerful and reliable monitoring that has all these features and more to help you keep your family safe. After all, family is all you have. Learn more about what the app can do by visiting our website right now!

Why Experts Want Parents to Use the Best iPhone Monitoring Software

Few people know this but both children and their parents are not usually aware that there are more dangers than benefits when it comes to using mobile phones, which is why experts recommend that parents find the best free cell phone spy app that can work without the target phone in their hands. There are a lot of things happening in the world every second of every day and teens feel that it is their sworn duty to stay well-informed about all of these events. And to do that, they will need to have an iPhone and a decent connection to the internet.

Why The Experts Are Up in Arms.

You have to admire the tenacity that makes teens would want to be up-to-date with every event that happens around the world, and there are billions of these things being updated every day in the web. The internet houses the largest amount of civilian information in the world and billions of people access this information and connect with each other every day. You may be able to see the advantage that this setup presents, as well as the inherent dangers. The temptation to abuse the system may be too high for some people and they become menaces for kids and teens that spend a lot of time in the internet.

How Web Content Influences Children That Encounter Them on The Web.

Kids can lose their concentration and focus due to the large amount of content and information they encounter and learn from in the internet. They are usually without any adult supervision when they surf the web. It is just fortunate that there are a lot of powerful monitoring apps, such as Auto Forward Spy, that has the features every parent needs in order to monitor the activities of their teens successfully. Teens need to be guided by adults and having a monitoring app installed on the target iPhone is the next best thing. The internet is a mine field and monitoring apps can protect teens from its negative effects. Here’s how:

Catching misuse of social media – Misuse and abuse of social media is more common than most people realize. When teens need them to be private, their accounts on Facebook and Instagram can only include friends and similar-aged kids, not their immediate family. This makes detecting inappropriate activities very difficult. Monitoring apps can close this gap and make it possible for parents to see their teens’ activities on social media and formulate a proper response.

Prevention of screen addiction – You seldom see a teen with their noses not buried in their iPhones’ screens. This is how the current generation of teens and pre-teens are obsessed with the device and its many features. Their obsession could quickly turn to addiction, and could severely affect their health and school work. Monitoring and knowing how much time teens spend on their phones can be a valuable piece of information for parents if they want their kids to minimize their phone use.

Stop reliance on just a single person’s word – The internet is truly the repository of most of the world’s information, but that does not mean that all of it is true. Some are in a campaign of misinformation and some people write content without realizing that it is wrong. Teens may encounter these erroneous “facts” and would believe them as the truth. Knowing which content your teens have viewed can give you a chance to correct their beliefs if they have been misinformed.

Auto Forward Spy is one of the best tools for parents in their fight against misinformation and against the dangers posed by the internet. For more information, visit our website right now!

Auto Forward: iPhone Spyware Needs No Jailbreak

The iPhone is stock full of security features that make it the most popular phone brand in the United States, including the feature that makes it very difficult to install unauthorized apps or an iPhone text spy app without needing to root or jailbreak the phone. For parents who want to monitor their children while they are on their iPhones, they would need to have it rooted before they can install most monitoring apps that are available on the internet.

What Does The App Have to Offer?

It is quite fortunate for us that Auto Forward Spy, one of the top monitoring apps on the web, can be installed on an iPhone without the need to jailbreak or root the device at all. Android and iOS fully support the features of the app, so it is capable of running all of them in any iPhone or iOS mobile device. But there’s even more useful features that Auto Forward Spy offers, and we will be looking at some of the more important ones in this article so don’t stop reading now.

Monitors calls and text messages. A monitoring software might as well be a calculator app if it doesn’t allow the tracking of incoming and outgoing texts and calls on the iPhone. This is one feature that can be very valuable for parents who want to protect their children from the dangers that they are ill-equipped to handle with their inexperience. Someone like a predator can be very bad news for your child, but using Auto Forward to monitor her texts can give you that advanced warning to be able to keep your child away from a potentially unsafe situation. In the same way, monitoring iPhone call logs let you know which numbers are behaving suspiciously so you can reverse look it up and you can then decide if it is a dangerous person or not.

Tracking where the phone is at all times. The app lets you know the location of the target phone, and your child, at all times. It’s like being in constant sight of your kid all the time. It helps parents a lot by making sure their children are not in with a bad crowd or in a dangerous part of town.

Visible browser logs and deleted messages. Auto Forwardlets you access browser logs and deleted messages, giving you insight about what sites your kid is looking at when she’s on the phone. And pulling up deleted messages can give you even more information on things that your child doesn’t want you to know.

Video, photo and social media logs. The app creates a report on all the activities your child did while she was on social media. It also automatically records all photos and videos the target device has taken with its camera or received from someone else, which can be viewed in the account.

Auto Forward Spy has plenty more to offer like a responsive and functional interface, and an easy one-time payment for the lifetime rights to the licensed account and free updates to the app. Interested? Head out to right now to learn more!

Basic Apps to Help You Streamline Your Business

SMBE streamlining apps are conquering the business world. Business owners are now turning to social media brand experts to promote their businesses to an optimum level. To streamline small businesses, they make use of online resources as a faster way to make their business huge. The social media platforms are quickly becoming business hubs for entrepreneurs as an efficient way to streamline their products and services.

As the competition grows bigger and wider, business owners must be creative and updated in marketing their businesses. SMBE streamlining apps will be able to offer assistance to those who are currently starting-up and are ready to make a big leap. Here are some tools that will help you streamline your business:

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a safe storage exchange system. You can share important business files for team collaboration.

  1. FreeAgent

This app is an accounting-based dashboard that is perfect for your organization needs. You can manage your expenses, invoices, and bank accounts to keep track of your cash flow.

  1. do

You can manage your tasks, notes, and lists in this tool. This includes a collaborating function that is perfect for team sharing and communication.

  1. Harvest

A harvest is an online tool that will allow you to manage your expenses, invoices, and time-tracking especially for time-based reporting of projects.

  1. Expensify

This a simple accounting software that will cater to your management needs. You can collaborate with your team in terms of expenses and approval processes.

  1. Appointy

Appointy is your best schedule buddy. You can manage your calendar on your business appointments with your clients and your staff.

  1. Evernote

This is a tool with multiple platforms. You can create your own team and a virtual workspace for your daily tasks, projects, and ideas. You can upload various files like photos and documents, and clip web articles to be seen by other teammates.

  1. Asana

This a project management software that is best for team collaboration on tasks and projects including your workflow data.

  1. Cyfe

You can monitor your business data into one dashboard like your sales, marketing, social media, analytics, and support data. You can easily work through your business processes in one place.

  • 17hats

You can do almost everything in this app. You can manage your teams’ tasks and projects, contacts, expenses, invoices, contracts, bookkeeping, calendar, and so much more. This is an all-in-one software for your business.

Best Planner Apps of 2018 that will Help You Organize Your Schedule and Things to Do Easily

Are you always worry about your schedules and carry around a memo pad just to keep up to date? In this digital age, you won’t have to stick to having a bulky old planner. You can just settle for the best planner apps and won’t have to worry about missing a single task or appointment.

Conveniently installed in your mobile device, which you bring everywhere, you will always have reminders about the things you have to do and places to go with the best calendar apps. But with the countless software available in the market, how can you choose the best one for your purpose?

To help you out, we have gathered the top planner apps of 2018 for all your organizing and planning needs.

  1. Fantastical 2. This iOS calendar presents your schedule in a clean and easily understood way. With its daily, weekly and monthly calendar views, be easily reminded of all the things you need to do. Plus, its Day Ticker is great!
  2. Google Calendar. Its clean and bright interface. Its variety of views provides a much more focused schedule presentation that is easily understood at a single glance.
  3. A collaboration of your calendar and contacts, the features of this app will help you. Prepare your meetings and events in a fool-proof way. And, it’s free!
  4. As a calendar app with time-management features, it can help you manage your schedules and lets you see how well you have done with management of the previous weeks and so.

A Calendar on Your Phone

Having a great calendar on your phone easily and effectively lets you stay on top of things. You won’t ever forget about events and appointments, whether they’re personal stuff or things for work. And even if you don’t bring a bag or a purse, you can still be kept updated because your phone lets you do the reminding.

So choose the best planner apps for Android or Apple on the list above and you’re good to go.

And if you are ever in need of business, just join us at 4 My Own Business Technology For Your Business, your tech blog, and source of all tech and business information. Visit our page now.

Fortnite Is Too Big

It’s no secret to anyone that Fortnite is a phenomenon. It’s one of the most popular streamed games on both Twitch and Youtube and continually ranks as one of the highest played games of 2018. Fortnite has been reported to have 125 million players worldwide. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. To many, including myself, the game is overrated, and many wish for the game to let others share the spotlight.

There Are Other Battle Royale Games

It’s not a surprise that other games have sprung up copying Fortnite. What’s interesting is that some of these might be better. Games like Call of Duty are even including Battle Royale modes in order to piggyback onto the success of the Battle Royale genre. But if Fortnite continues to steal the spotlight, then how will we know if these games are better? There are many games out there considered superior to Fortnite but they won’t get the recognition they deserve because the game is too bloated.

Every popular game has its downsides

Too Many People Playing

There are hundreds of people playing and streaming the game, but what if people want to see other things? If you’re not a fan of Fortnite, then chances are you’re not super interested in many of the streams being put out right now. That is unfair to people who like certain streamers but would like to see a variety of content. You will be forced to watch something you don’t enjoy instead of many other awesome games out there. It’s also on a variety of consoles and devices making it impossible to escape the craze.

It’s A Toxic Environment

As with many online games, Fortnite breeds a toxic environment for all ages. Many people send death threats and make rude comments to others online in order to intimidate them and get them to stop playing. I’ve heard of people using reverse address lookup to find who has been harassing them to get professional help. Something like this happens when something gets too big and needs to give way to other games.

There are so many other things to be excited about in 2018 that I feel like Fortnite should just settle down a little and give way to the next big thing in my opinion.